Limestone Screening

Limestone Screening


1 Cubic Yard Weight = 2000lbs (approx.)

Limestone Screening is a crushed limestone product. It is made up of chips (1/4”) mixed with dust. It is typical used as a grading base under patio materials.



All of our bulk sands and aggregates are sold by weight.  The unit of measurement is the imperial ton or 2000 pounds.  This product is delivered in a dump truck to the curb line.  As such the area must be free of hydro wires, branches or anything obstruction the dump box from lifting into the air and dumping out the product.  Typically, our trucks require at least 20′ of clearance up wards and a minimum width of 10′ to dump.  Any deliveries beyond the curb line are the responsibility of the purchaser.

1 Cubic Yard Weight = 2000lbs (approx.)

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